Roller Delayed Buffer System

Upgrade your pcc today!

The Scheel Manufacturing Roller Delayed Blowback Buffer System was designed to solve many of the issues present in the world of Direct Blowback Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) firearms. Our Patent-pending adjustable lockup allows a lower reciprocating mass as well as lower recoil spring pressures to reduce the “dot bounce” effect that can occur with heavy mass and heavy spring pressures that hinder even the best blowback PCC setups. This “Lockup” keeps the action “locked” until the bullet is out of the barrel and chamber pressure is reduced preventing powder blowback and fouling in the firearms’ action. Currently blowback PCCs have a very narrow ammunition power-factor reliability window- they need to be setup for your specific ammo. Our RDBS runs great out-of-the-box with a wide variety of ammo from 115pf to 155pf and is tunable up or down from there.

Developed winter 2020 and spring 2021 We have over 125,000 rounds through one of our systems with zero parts failures. In the short time we have been testing we have over 100 Match wins Including Multiple USPSA Area and many level2 match wins. The RDBS was pivotal in allowing the fast and accurate shots for Corey to finally earn his USPSA Grand Master Classification at the beginning of June 2021.

The Scheel MFG Roller-Delayed Buffer System Includes:

  1. Buffer Body- lockup rollers, arms and bumper installed.
  2. Pocketed Buffer Tube- 6 position Mil-spec diameter tube w/ lockup roller pockets. (A5 length tube available)
  3. Buffer Springs – 5 weak and 5 strong buffer body springs for complete adjustability. 2 spare of each
  4. Recoil spring- Lightweight Blue Recoil spring (5lbs).
  5. Spare Pins and Removable .4oz weight.

The key takeaways are:

  1. Our buffer does the same thing as a regular buffer- it only changes at what time in the cycle the forces are applied to the buffer tube. When setup and tuned properly, half of the recoil force is applied at lockup and the 2nd half is applied when the buffer bottoms out in the tube. Because of our systems’ reduced weight and recoil spring pressure the “dip” that occurs when the bolt goes back into battery is minimized.
  2. Most of the force is still absorbed by the weight of the bolt and buffer. The rollers/tube interface does not recieve the full recoil force as in a mp5 system.

RDBS Frequently Asked Questions

When I was building my first prototype I assumed I would have to add a keyway to keep the buffer from rotating, but I discovered the rollers are kept in line w the pockets because they drive the buffer straight in the tube like a roller skate. If it rotates a degree or two it is perfectly ligned back up when it detents back into the pocket.

The rollers are 4140 steel and the tube is 7075 aluminum.
I also assumed the forces would wear out an aluminum tube. I was wrong. It has not bulged or show any significant wear in over 30k rds on my unit and i have shooters w thousands of rds each on theirs.  I planned to have a steel tube made but real-world testing proves it is not needed.

A rifle length system is in the works. We are currently testing our prototype. They will be for Sale soon.


Installation Instructions

Instructions for the installation, usage and adjustment of your RDBS.

Load / Spring Recommendations

Recommendations for springs based on ammo.